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Small suggestion: being able to pick up the Dalek Mod plants with shears and place them in pots.

Henlo! Just a quick suggestion. I noticed it's impossible to pick up some flowers or plants even with shears, so I thought I could write about it here.

Here's a list of said plants that could be picked up with shears and/or placed in a pot and who currently aren't:

-Cichorium (could be placeable in a pot);

-Awabloom (could be placeable in a pot);

-Thana Plant (could be placeable in a pot) (I know this one drops fruits, but the flower itself could be dropped when using shears);

-Petrified Flower (could be placeable in a pot);

-Gallifrey Grass (the item, not the block);

I thought it would be cool if they could be used as decoration, and it wouldn't add anything new,  it would just apply some already existing mechanic in those new items.


Thanks for reading!

I'd rather you could just pick them up normally. That will actually be quite significant for a feature next update.
Thank you for reporting this bug!

That's a rather rare and difficult to obtain item/enchant. I was thinking more of the lines of using your fist, just like all the other plants in game.

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