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[TUTORIAL] A Guide to your very own Town!

A guide to owning your own Town



Heya there! XP here. I’ve seen a couple people ask in DMU about how to start a town and because I’m currently bored I decided I should write a guide on how to own your very own town, as well as a guide to alliances!

Creating your town


So you’ve decided to create a town. Great!

First of all, you need a location. Picking the perfect location is what makes your town unique!

I’d recommend a nice scenic location for a more relaxed town, or a large flat area for a competitive town (A town that aims to be in the top. These towns usually clash with eachother for fun). Ensure your location is at least 200-300 block from any unique point of interest, such as another town, or someone’s shop. This will be a requirement for if you wanted to officialise your town. 
Pick somewhere interesting, such as a nice biome or planet. This will attract more players to your town.

Remember to pick a unique name for your town, and make sure the name has not been taken or you’ll make the mistake I made and be continuously called a copy.


Developing your town


At this point you most likely have picked your location, and are ready to begin.

First of all I recommend making a town discord. This allows you to remain in contact with everyone in your town. Make sure to set it up to have announcements, rules, and all of that necessary stuff.

In your town you should (but don’t need) a unique building, such as a town hall. This allows people to recognise where to go if they need anything or need to meet up, as well as becoming an iconic part of your town. 
Moving onto buildings, you should plan out a specific plot size for all members. I would recommend 10x10 to 15x15 so that you have enough space for all plots, whilst allowing a moderately large sized house for all members. I would recommend digging out a pathway to link all plots to your Building of Interest, to allow a nice calm pathway for your citizens to walk along. If you have a nice and calm town, I’d recommend adding small buildings for role play or a real town feeling, for example a shop or police station.

Inviting members to your town


Your town is most likely ready to begin growing! Congratulations on making it this far!

Now you need to have citizens.

First of all, I recommend inviting someone you trust. This could be a friend, or someone who’s helped you grow. You need someone to assist you in leading after all!

Then, you should begin advertising. I’d recommend sending out a message every 3-5 minutes, to prevent spam, whilst getting the message out. Make sure it’s not too long though!

After a while people make take interest and decide to join. Treat each member with respect, and listen to their every question and suggestion. This will give a good reputation of you for your members!

Eventually you could begin inviting newer members to your town, as they may be looking for one after joining. Assist them in starting their game and others may begin to notice you! I’d say that you should only invite those who’ve never been in a town or aren’t currently in a town at first, otherwise they may cause a little trouble, but this isn’t guaranteed. 

Officialising your town


Alright. This part is where it gets hard.

To officialise your town and get a warp, there are a few requirements.

You’ll need 15 at least 15 active members who contribute regularly.

You’ll need a members board to show exactly who’s in your town.

You’ll need each member to have a plot, and have built a house.

Each house must look special, ensure they aren’t all the same material.

Decorate your town with a park, road decorations, so and so.

Ensure your town has private and public Tardis Parking, so all can visit 

(Optional) A visitor center, where you warp and are greeted with signs or players.


Once you have completed all steps, wait for a DMU Staff Member to come online, and ask them, but don’t pester them as they may be busy.


Alliances for your town


You think you’re ready to publicise your town, and begin extending relationships to other towns. Nice!

First of all, you should contact the towns owner/co-owner and establish easy communications. This’ll allow the process to go by much easier.

Wait for them to respond, at which point you may suggest your alliance. Don’t force it on them and allow them to accept or deny without arguements.


Assuming they accept, you should begin by allowing their members into your discord, adding an Ally role for them. This allows both of your towns to remain in constant communication for all people.

(OPTIONAL) You could both build a town embassy in the other persons town, to completely establish an alliance. Remember that your rules apply in the embassy in their town, and there ONLY. 
You may use this alliance for assistance in wars, trading, or simply just working together.



If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, I’m on this forum most of the time on weekdays!



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