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[DMU Ban appeal] Shahrokh ( griefing ) , I writed new thread with no copy now .

Minecraft username: Shahrokh


Why you were banned: Griefing


Ban duration: Forever num2


What were you doing last on the server: Just Building my town in gallifrey and geting some tools 


Why you think you should be pardoned early :

Hi, first of all I want to give a logical explanation about what I did, the first case is that I traveled with Tardis to the coordinates of random and it was not intentional at all, secondly I came from above, I thought it was made by end city creatures, the third case is this I did not see any sign above that says that this part was made by a special team or player so that I do not grief, the fourth case is that, now that we add the previous three, it is natural that I want to go and see what is below, i used block to go down, and if you notice, I did not destroy anything or steal anything, the fifth thing is that I do not have the ability to fly like admins to want to go back up and destroy the blocks that I built, I finally want to say A wise man will never be banned again just after he is unban, I really did not want to do anything wrong again after the grief I did the first time, please deal with this issue fairly, thank you for your good team.

Hello, I'll be taking your ban appeal today.

I've looked through you ban history and it seems you were given a second chance from a major grief (resulting in a perm ban) and within the first day it was already found that you had broken the rules again.

Now I can see that you perhaps are a player who has never dealt with the End before in Minecraft and possibly mistook a player build from a structure, I mean it could also be added via the mod and you just didn't know.

But I feel that one month after the circumstances of: getting perm banned, getting a second chance, getting banned again the next day. Just isn't good looking,
I'm going to deny this appeal and allow you to re-appeal in 2 months. Hopefully it is felt that you have served enough time for your actions.

You should really learn about structures though. I mean trap doors, Skaro stone, stone bricks, torches, carpet, etc. in the void for no reason, no loot, is most definitely player made. 

Once again, appeal denied, re-apply in two month's time. Appeal locked.

- Bug1312 { DMU Admin }

This thread has been locked.