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[DMU Ban appeal] Edward685 - Forever [Accepted]

Minecraft username: Edward685

Why you were banned: Using a cheat client to gain an unfair advantage

Ban duration: Forever

What were you doing last on the server:

The last thing I was doing on the server was using X-RAY to find tardis materials. Then after I did that I activated a flight cheat to get around the map quicker. Now that I'm older I look back on it with a heavy heart. I am ready to face and admit my mistakes. I will accept whatever verdict is decided on.



Sorry forgot to add this. I was also evading the ban by using an alt account. If needed the username can be provided.



I will unban you with a second final chance, because its been 2 years since you got banned. If you get banned again, then any appeals in the future will be denied.





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