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[Discord Ban appeal]


Reason For Ban Unknown 

Ban duration:  Unknown 

 Why you were  Banned Idk It just kicked of the server 

What were you doing last in the discord: Nothing 

Any previous bans: My Previous Account got hacked so I Don't Know if it counts 


I was not banned it just booted me off the server I got no bot notification to say why if u could look in to this i would really appreciated  

You're not banned at all. You can join via the link on the website homepage.

I think I know what went wrong. We're working on fixing it

Hi Matt I Just Tryed It Nearly let me still unable to accept Invite 

Is there a chance you might have another account that has been banned at some point which is putting a blanket IP ban on your account?

Alternatively, how many servers are you in? There's apparently a limit to the number of servers you can join


Btw John my other account got hacked so it got banned imt trying to fix it now

Hi John I Should wait for my other account to be delete then if that does not work then i dont what else


Maybe if u try unbanning my other account

could fix it 

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