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Don't have permission to use /rtp?

Hi there!


I just started out on DMU and the Dalek Mod in general. From what I've heard, the best way to start out on the server is to use the /rtp command and get started somewhere random. However, when I tried to use the command I got a message in chat saying I didn't have permission to use it. Is this a bug, or is there some permissions thing I'm not aware of?

The RTP command was disabled because people kept spamming it, and is very very unlikely gonna return

Well that makes things a bit difficult. Is there an alternative command that does something similar?


There are currently no plans on having /rtp returned or alternative commands, unless SWDTeam announces to return the command. The part of survival is that you walk and obtain resources by traveling. using rtp will ruin the survival since you basically can teleport anywhere random and spawn somewhere with a lot of resources instead of discovering it on your own.  Once you have a Tardis or vortex manipulator you can set random coordinates with the randomizer in the Tardis and with the vortex manipulator with random numbers. 

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