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Moon: 1.16 Edition

Suggestion: The Moon & it's features

Explanation: Due to 1.16 being a major rewrite, later down the line having a space dimension, and the over all lack luster moon of the previous versions. I think it's fair to say this new moon should have some style. Starting with...

Surface Biomes:
-Crater Flats: A tough, rocky, terrain littered with craters and meteorites. 

-Maria: the dusty deserts of the moon, easier to travel around than the Crater Flats, through exploring one may yield the chance to find lunar landers from those who journeyed beyond the planet earth, however not all of these exploring returned...


Subterranean Biomes: 

-Lunar Mines: A branching network of caves and ravines

-Cheddar Caves: a standard network of caves but yielding very high chances of finding cheese, so much cheese it can be found in full blocks.

-Crystalline Caverns: Large, open, spaces underground housing large deposits of a variety of crystals. From standard Sonic Crystals, Zeiton 7, to even Crystalline. However getting these isn't as easy as it would seem

-Glacial Mires: A large snow and ice filled cavern underneath the surface,  however it seemed to have attracted a cyber menace.



-Zombified Astronauts: Brave explorers who never made it home, these horrifying creatures roam the surface and caverns of the moon, seeking to make sure others share their fate.

-Gemlins: Small, crystal composed beings inhabiting the Crystalline Caverns, Normally neutral until attacked or seeing the player mine the crystal ores in front of them.

-Cybermen: Cybermen types mobs can be found here as well, rarely seen on the surface (preferably around night) and especially in the Glacial Mires.



-Sonic Crystals

-Lunar Iron

-Lunar redstone

-Lunar Lapis

-Lunar Gold

-Lunar Zeiton-7


-Embedded Cheese

I really love this idea :) would bring so much to the moon! Excellent suggestion 

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