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I bought a TARDIS in the DMU Store over 3 years ago and I received the item at the time and no longer have it.  Is there any way I can get the item back, or am I no longer eligible for this item? If needed I can provide proof of purchase.



Unfortunately last year the DMU Server facility caught fire so the entire server had to be reset in a new machine. This caused all players to lose purchased items as well as everything else they owned on the servers. 

SWDTeam did their best to replace the store purchased I tems however I believe John (1WTC) had to do a cut off of 2 years otherwise he would have to go back over the last 9 years or so of dalek mod to reimburse items lost.

All TARDIS Exterior chameleon circuits now have crafting recipies that can be used to craft TARDISes on the DMU Server - so I would recommend possibly doing that to get your tardis exterior back. 

I hope this helps! 



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