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locking tardis with a snap

That would be great if you could lock the tardis when you had the key to it in your inventory and snap, This could speed up the time of opening and closing the tardis, because now you have to go to it and click with the key, if this was added, it would be possible to open the tardis within a few blocks when it is locked. (If you don't understand something, sorry because I use translator because I'm from Poland)

This doesn’t really make sense as all the snap did was close or open the doors from a distance, and it doesn’t really make sense as the TARDIS only allows certain people that it trusts (shown in The Rings of Akhaten) making a key kind of useless so all this would do is shut the door if you left it open.

Well, what if when you snaped, it locked the doors for you, which means when you lock the doors they also close? also quick question how would you snap, would it be a command or a button?

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