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Bullying KrypticOnics

I've heard that some people are bullying KrypticOnics by saying a name to him he doesn't like!

People call him "Nathan" or "Nathy"... People need to respect eachother and even a moderator said it a few times to him. (Not telling who because of the player's Privacy)

Iam really irritated by this behavior. If KrypticOnics says: "STOP, I don't like it anymore" then those players need to stop. It's like someone is griefing your building and when you say stop they don't stop. I hope if you read this you all will stop saying "Nathy" to him.

Thanks for reading this, and a tip for KrypticOnics if they start over just ignore it... They will stop evantually!


Eddit: Added pictures


why would someone be mean to people like that, when they haven't done anything to them, all the person wants to do is play the mod online and have fun, well he cant now can he because some D**K heads are ruining the fun for this person. I hope who ever is doing this is identified to the team and I hope this is sorted as soon as possible #cyberbulliesarecruel

Yes that is true but please do not curse even if you use *!*?** there might be younger viewers even thought it blurts it out but i do agree with you!

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