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Get started guide on DMU and Dalek Mod! [March 2022]

 So, after playing on the server for a little while I've noticed many players who start out not knowing how to take part in features of the mod. Maybe you came from 1.12? or maybe you're just starting out, this guide should help you out! 


About the Server: 

So, if you are playing on DMU, then this is handy, if not skip ahead. 

Currently on DMU, mob spawning is disabled. So, if you need access to a certain amount of overworld, nether or underwater mobs then there are warps to the specific ‘mob arenas’ just out of spawn (see images).   Mob Arena

It is also worth pointing out that the Ender Dragon has been killed so to get access to Dragons Breath, you'll have to get it from another player, some sell them, others give them away (I for one will always give away for free).


To get access to other overworld mobs (cows, sheep etc), you'll have to go away from loaded chunks, they do spawn, just far away from players, towns. As for nether mobs (blazes) they still have mob spawners around the nether. If your lucky, you can also find dungeons with spawners that contain zombie, skele and other enemy mob types.


There is a lag clear plugin that will remove mobs that are in loaded chunks so be weary of that.


Just to be also clear, there is NO WAY to get Daleks or Cybermen aside from the occasional invasion that staff do at spawn or other areas around the world, they will announce in chat when that will happen. There are Auton spawners around the world primarily in ocean areas for you to find, although there is a warp to an Auton spawner at the community warp hub just past the docks at the end of spawn (see image) Warps


There are many towns and factions on the server you will come across for you to join, maybe even start your own! I for one own Green Hills, so if you are on the server and see me online, shoot me a message to come and have a look around!


Getting a TARDIS:


Okay so this is where we get into the mod. There are several items needed to make a TARDIS. I highly suggest getting JEI (Just Enough Items) mod which will show you all the recipes needed. But here is the basic gist of it.

So first things first, you'll need a TARDIS coral plant, which looks like this

Coral Plant

You'll need to use the following recipe to make the coral

TARDIS Coral Recipe

This consists of:

  • A flight lever
  • Fast Return Lever
  • TARDIS Base
  • TARDIS Core
  • TARDIS Panel

Each of these have their own recipe:

Core Tardis Core

Flight Lever Flight Lever

Fast Return Fast Return Lever

Panel TARDIS Panel

Base TARDIS Base

Now again, each of these have their own recipe so this is where JEI will come in handy.



Congratulations! You got a TARDIS coral!

Once you have this, you'll need to plant it. This can be on any surface and should look like this:


Now the TARDIS has many stages in the growing phase and takes around 15-60 real life minutes to grow, so you better have a good amount of patience!


While you are waiting for your TARDIS, you can make yourself a stattenheim remote!

THIS IS KEY. If you become distanced from your TARDIS, you can summon it, it does not work with the key anymore! Stattenheim looks like this:


and this is the recipe:


This uses steel which is used by getting Iron, smelting it again to get this. You can then use honeycomb on steel to get stainless steel.


After a while, your TARDIS would have grown! This is linked to whoever places the coral so make sure its you!

Right clicking the TARDIS will bring up this prompt


This allows you to choose a temporary exterior and the exterior you choose decides the interior!

There are a few types with different variants. You can use XP to unlock police boxes and pagoda exteriors using the Chameleon Panel on the console

  • TARDIS Capsule

After choosing an exterior, a key will drop for you to collect, this is paired to this TARDIS so be careful who you give it to


If you right click the TARDIS with they key this locks and unlocks the TARDIS, make sure you leave it locked because however, although TARDIS griefing is a bannable offence, TARDIS stealing isn't.


Now time to pair your remote, do this by shift-right clicking the TARDIS while holding the remote and a number will appear in chat stating your TARDIS number MAKE A NOTE OF THIS as if you lose your TARDIS, staff can find it for you with the number.



Now you are ready to begin your adventures in time and space! So enter the TARDIS...

As soon as you enter this tutorial prompt will appear so make sure to read thoroughly!


You can change your interior with this panel here on the back wall, with a few options


Interior choices are:

  • Pagoda
  • Default
  • SIDRAT Default
  • Template

Template can be used to create your own interior design!


Okay so this is all the basics. I hope this helped everyone! If you have any questions feel free to reply to this forum post or ask in game, my IGN is SFMPlayz. Looking forward to seeing you around DMU!






Just adding to this:


In order to get Artron, an important resource in not only crafting your TARDIS, but fueling it as well, you'll need an Artron Fuel Bank, which is crafted like this:


That grey ingot is Steel, which is obtained by smelting iron. 
Once you place down your Artron Fuel tank, in order  to extract Artron, place an empty bottle in the slot , and it will fuel up instantly. 

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