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[Dalek Mod Suggestion] UNIT Helicopter


Feature Name:UNIT Helicopter

Lore/Brief Background (Or "As seen in" if not from Doctor Who canon):The Day Of The Doctor

Description of Feature:Its a Vehicle that you can ride but it doesnt drive like Bessie it flies like if you were in Creative or in the Flight Panel

What is the purpose of this:To have fun in a RP or use it as a Decoration or pick up TARDISes as seen in a video i will link under there (If you press c it will take out a Grappling hook thingy u can pick up TARDISes with)

How do you suggest we implement it in game:Get Luke or Kidso_ or someone to model a Helicopter and some rotor blades so u can actually make the rotor blades move when u fly

Weapons:The Hellicopter has rockets that john can change so the rockets only take damage and doesnt make a hole like it was tnt Because it could be used for griefing. The Helicopter has Bullets too.


Fuel:You need 5 Gas cans to make it work or get it to fly to its max height (260)


Shielding: It has very a good shield it can almost survive anything and even guns. (If Guns is added for unit)


Here is some videos and pictures


(Im sorry about this 3D video couldnt find any other)




If you have any suggestions you want in this post, Post it down under and ill edit it in

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