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[Dalek Mod Suggestion] The Whomobile [Vehicle]

Vehicle: The Whomobile

As Seen In: Invasion of the DinosaursPlanet of the SpidersPrisoners of Time, and Glorious Goodwood

Owner: The Doctor (3rd Incarnation notably)

Obtaining: Crafting, or it can be found in UNIT Bases

Fuel: Zeiton-7 Ore  (Especially for flight)

Mobility: On the water, on the ground, and flying in the air

Speed: Very Fast

Fuel Efficiency: 

  • More fuel is consumed at higher speeds 
  • More fuel is consumed in flight 
  • Just a slight more fuel is consumed while going across the surface of water.


  • Flight mode, not in flight toggle key
  • Acceleration key (holding it speeds up the vehicle)
    • Double tapping and holding it causes deceleration
  • Quick break key
    • Consumes a slight more fuel when pressed



This is good do you mind that i make a thread where i put some Vehicle suggestions togheter like a link to you'r  Whomobile vehicle and others Vehicles thats been suggested?

I COULD BE UNBANNED FROM DMU RN??!?!!?!?!??! IGN:captaingamer77

I'd love to see this added, the Whomobile is my favorite non-time traveling vehicle in Doctor Who (sorry Bessie).

Brilliant thread, I definetly think there should be more vehicles. Maybe we could work on it together? 


Anyway, I really enjoyed the whomobile. This is a really good idea, well done.

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