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[Discord User Report] themaster2021#6211/ ID: Underaged

Your Discord username / ID: KimgCheese#0001 542241353325871105

Their Discord username / ID: themaster2021#6211 843056140723027968

Why you are reporting them: themaster2021 is underaged. He is 10 and he lied to me saying he's 14 and his best friend admitted to me saying that themaster2021 and they didn't know master said he was 14 to me. 

Any screenshots / evidence:

Btw I asked that because I knew he was underaged and lying to me. The conversation in discord you see above is actually him calling me inappropriate things because I banned him for being underaged. (because I knew he was)

aye kimg get over i insulted you once your just salty you didn`t get me banned for  elegidly claiming i was under 13

i admit i did say something inapropriote yet he was the one who called me some i wish not to say again to risk another warning i have no screen shot

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