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DMU Ban Appeal, Username: YourHomieKJ, Reason: Griefing Expires: Never


Banned because I was stupid and decided to steal some beacons. I returned some, but got banned before I could try and return the rest.

Duration: Forever

I don't remember what I did last. I was banned I think either 1-2 years ago.

I think I should be pardoned early because I meant no harm in what I did. The person I stole the beacons from helped me build my TARDIS and the beacons were in the center of his town square so I wanted to pull a little prank. I returned them, then him and I had our own talk, however I was still banned (Understandably since the staff didn't understand the full scope of the situation). Since I'd met the guy on the server I can't for the life of me remember his username, also due to me taking this long for the appeal. I hope the situation can be worked out, or at least my ban expiration can be shortened to an actual time limit. Thank you.

Hi there, I was prepared to unban you, until I saw you mention that the staff member "didn't understand the full scope of the situation". Griefing is not allowed, pranks or not. I will shorten the ban to a month though, as it has been a year since you were originally banned.


Joe (DMU Admin)

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