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Unban request

Minecraft Username:



Why you were banned:

Grieving and tardis hopping


Ban duration:

3 months


What were you doing last on the server:

I was using a data chip that I had found labeled 'someone's tardis' attempting to find out who owned the tardis so that I could give them the data chip as I don't belive many people would want a random data chip with acces to their tardis 


Why do you think you should be pardoned?

Because I wasn't actually grieving at first I took items under the belief that the player was then not returning to dmu, after the fact he changed his mind and came back I spoke to the player personally and have apologised he has said that it is fine and he is fine with me using the items that I took. Also as previously stated I was not tardis hopping I had found a data chip in a community chest whilst searching for a place to create a town, this data chip was labeled 'someone's tardis' so I used the data chip in order to give it/return it to the player who owned the tardis.


I did none of this with malicious intentions the items I took I took because I was in belief that the player wasn't to return to dmu and knowing them they have said that they were OK with it and the tardis hoping I was doing in order to track down who's tardis the data chip I had found lead to so that I can give it to them or destroy it.


i do not belive that it is worth a ban as it is just a simple miss understanding and i was trying to do the right thing, it is the same as finnding a lost wallet and trying to return it to the owner, i was trying to do something good.

I'm willing to accept this appeal, but please make sure you follow the rules next time.


Joe (DMU Admin)

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