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[Discord Ban Appeal] Genesis IV#7707 [] Guessing it was because of the question?

Discord account username and ID: Genesis IV#7707 or 720984010716872734


Why you were banned: Presuming it was due to me asking that question


Ban duration:  Permanent. 


What were you doing last in the discord: Asking where I can find natsoc iron crosses


Any previous bans: Too many


Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts):  

Hey there!


I believe that I was banned from your server due to asking a strange question. "Anyone know where I can get nazi iron crosses?" in the #support channel. 

I was not entirely sure whether this was the reason for my ban or not, therefore I enquired about this to Mae, Henrik, and Raccoon, who told me that they don't remember, but I should appeal anyway, so here I am.

I understand that I was out of line asking something like that in a server full of children and others who may think I was making a sick joke about it. I assure you that was not the case as I wanted to expand my collection of war medals, and they were pretty scarce at the time, or expensive. I do not affiliate myself with any national socialist movements, or people, and I despise people like that with all my heart.
I am indeed sorry about it, and I was quite uneducated at the time about how questions like that can be seriously weird, and induce strange thoughts such as above in people. 
I just want to start over, on a clean slate, with SWD. If I am breaking rules that I did not know I was, please tell me so I can avoid doing it in the future, despite my track record of blowing up on staff over messages I took as rude that weren't actually rude. 

SWD is free to unban me while giving me any sort of punishments, however if you do, please do not just ban me on anything, and tell me that I was doing it wrong. 

I believe I have matured over these 6 months or so, learning to control my emotions and that I can simply just leave the conversation if it gets too heated. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope that you unban me, as I think that I would be better now. 

No. Your last warning was for a "homemade bomb."

You were warned and banned multiple times before so we don't want to deal with the possibility again, very sorry.

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