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End Cartridge

What it does: An End cartridge is a cartridge type that will drop from the ender-dragon ( or just given to the player upon entering the end purely on DMU ) upon inserting it into the computer the item will be used up and the end is now added to the dimensional selector panel

How it benefits: This benefits the mod by allowing the player to use their tardis to visit the end without it feeling like cheating as you need to still need to beat the game in order to give your tardis access to the new dimension

Why it would be cool: It'd be a cool reward for the player to be able to unlock a new dimension to travel to with their tardis for beating the game and would just save time for end-game players when making end-farms or setting up things around the end in general and would feel vanilla. It could also serve as a test-run of how new destinations such as skaro could be unlocked

It is a good idea. The player already has to go to the end to build the Tardis, so having to also defeat the Ender Dragon to unlock traveling there with the Tardis is a good idea. The config file should also have an option for disabling and enabling this too, as this can make both those who agree and disagree with this addition happy.

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