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[DM Server Loading Page] Profile Links

Username: OIWeirdo

Feature Name: Profile Links 

Lore/Brief Background (Or "As seen in" if not from Doctor Who canon): Not Applicable to DW Just Minecraft

Description of Feature: (It is the same as the feature on the SWD Homepage(img below) On the Server Loading Page (see img below) if the player has linked their MC name with their profile then you can click on their head img and it will take you to their swdteam.com profile so it would make it easier for staff to get to their profiles and see if they donated or if a friend wants to send them a message.

What is the purpose of this: It would make finding a player profile faster if they are online on the server.

How do you suggest we implement it in game: Use the same code you did on the YouTube page(see img below) but make it link to their page instead of YouTube.



Server Loading Screen:


YouTube Page:


SWD Homepage:

Love the idea. It's well thought out and written in a cohesive manner. I give you my full suppourt.

Just wondering if this was forgotten or is it gonna happen?

considering that u44 is in development I thought I would bring this back up xD

I support this fully!

 cough this is old as hell but it's relevant and mine so technically not necro posting xD

Anyway it would still be nice to see this.

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