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 Hi Staff. i will be permanently leaving SWDTeam due to the strict rules and unfair advantages you have here!

Please do cancel my ban appeal as you all do not deserve me here!  as a smart figure it is my duty to say this to you all, as i tell the truth if it hurts or not, but your community has self harmed me and my physical health due to all this bull-crap you claim i've done. top note, i am not the one discriminating against others i am calling **YOU** out for it you silly small minded people, think Twice before you assume! Please do not reply to this Form, i will not care what you have said regardless of the consequences i stand up for myself and you just make me more motivated to be better then this Community you have (This is going towards the staff Team, Only to Joee3 and wheezebob [BritishTeaCat/Tank_Schrader/1TWTC/Paul/Danita+others Not included they are Fine] Now, i said what i needed to now, for love of god, DO NOT CONTACT ME IN ANYWAY! REGARDLESS! IF YOUR GOING TO APOLOGIZE. just read this and move on, this is going to be the last you see me around this unfair community and its rules. let me move on in piece and tranquillity, i am not guilty of anything regardless what you think i did. Please don't try to talk me down, your words don't affect me in any means regardless how you put it or say it. goodbye SWDTeam / DMU. i had my fun share, that's all that matters. since i said this, i will no longer have the urges to return with this sick anxiety i have. Goodbye!


-Lyra_Dash16 (formally known as: Lyra_Strings)


(RedDash16, the community we ones had/experienced regarding MLP was much better then this, i had more fun there then here, even known you were there helping SWD/DMU, hope to see you soon Friend.)

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