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[Discord Ban appeal] SebThePerson#5057, being an asshole mainly

Discord account username and ID: SebThePerson#5057

Why you were banned: I don't remember but I think I was just being a prick

Ban duration: Forever

What were you doing last in the discord: Dont remember

Any previous bans: From discord, about 2 I think


Why I think I should be pardoned: If anyone remembers me, I'd be surprised. I was an immature prick who thought the world revolved around me. I've been banned for being an asshole and emoji spamming on discord and banned around 2 times on the DMU for griefing if I can remember. I'm sorry for all that. I'm, not that little shit anymore who goes around complaining till the cows come home. I've changed and I'd like the opprutinuty to prove that. Ik Joe said on my last appeal that if I was banned again I had no chance, but I want to at least try and show I've changed

Hi there. You've had so many chances. You refused to change every time we gave you a chance. I have no choice but to deny this appeal.


Joe (DMU Admin & Site Moderator)

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