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DMU Ban Appeal

DMU ban appeal
Minecraft username: Edcodefreo

Why you were banned: grief and bridging

Ban duration:  unknown 
ban by: unknown

What were you doing last on the server: I was playing with my friends othagan and laminatedchickn and you see we broke the front entrance and we had to go and when laminated got back on he couldnt enter his tardis so he called staff for help and we were banned as the staff member because there was very little context for why the tardis was in the state it was in. 

Sup dude, After looking more into why you were banned I've decided to deny your appeal. You've shown us you have 0 regard for the rules. It's common sense not to break something that doesn't belong to you. And then on top of that you failed to mention the Tardis bridging. 

Have a decent rest of your day. 

~Tank DMU Moderator 

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