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Ban Appeal

Minecraft username: The_Architect_0


Why you were banned: Griefing. 


What you were doing last on the server: When I was last on the server, I was helping a player mine out a very large area for one of their projects. Before this (and the reason I was banned), I wrongly decided to grief a player who had previously griefed me. 


Why do you think you should be pardoned early: The player who I intended to grief had previously taken something from my base and placed it in their own. I did not report this at the time as I felt it was playful banter rather than an actual malicious attack. In response to their grief, I wanted to give the player a playful grief in return. To do this, I decided to place glass around a build (which I thought was theirs) and take some blocks.


I understand now that the build I griefed was not the player's and instead a build created by staff. I genuinely had no idea of the worth of what I had stolen and had no intention of causing anyone any genuine stress or anxiety. I did not intend to harm the server and I apologise for any damage or inconvenience I have caused.


I am genuinely sorry for what I have done and I promise to never grief any build again. I should have been more grown up and understood the consequences for my actions. Usually when I play on the server, I like helping other players. However, I made a misjudgement and decided to do the opposite. I'm sorry.


Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal.


The_Architect_0 (Ace)

As Joe said, you were told to wait out your ban.
What you stole were four (4) Dark Star Alloy Blocks, a block unobtainable to survival players. Whether it was intended as "friendly banter" or not, the fact of the matter is that you griefed.
Hopefully when the ban runs out it will be the last time you do something like this (as you have said yourself)

See you soon,

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