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[DMU Ban appeal] TheISimp: Tellraw abuse [Indefinite]

Minecraft username: TheISimp (WoahItsKarma, not Pip)
Why you were banned: Tellraw abuse
Ban duration: Indefinite
What were you doing last on the server: Showing wheeze what I was up to.
Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts):

Hey John,

I've been using /tellraw to look in people's inventories and reading stuff out to mess with them; I didn't think my party trick would warrant going to the very top but here we are.

I messaged RipleyWHO when I first discovered I was able to grab nbt data, barely got a response. Then after a few days I asked Tank if checking inventories was abuse and only got a "possibly".

Since then, I've only been using it on friends or people literally asking for it, at no point have my intentions been malicious.

I'm happy to sit out a ban to set a precedent but would appreciate an end date, eventually.

Also, just to put all cards on the table, I've been TARDIS hopping recently too. Using a script to find an Interior with the ID, I've been helping people find lost TARDISes and moved a TARDIS parked in the middle of oli126's shop.

Thanks for the time, Bossman,


(wheeze said this is going straight to the boss, if that's wrong i'm gonna look real silly)

Thank you for admitting to breaking other rules, you will now not be unbanned. Please don't appeal again.


Joe (DMU Head Admin & Site Moderator)

This thread has been locked.