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[DMU Ban appeal] saltyelliot69: Greifing [Permanent]




I cannot remember what I last did on the server as I was banned many years ago, I understand it was a permanent ban however I am older now and just want to play on this server for nostaglic reasons. I have played on many minecraft servers since this ban and have been griefed many times, its really annoying and I was stupid when I was younger and will never do it again. 


Hi, I don't believe you should be banned at the moment as you were accepted in the appeal from a few years ago, when you try join the server, what does the screen say?

Yo, You should be Unbanned. This is your final chance if you're caught breaking any rule x-raying, hacking, bug exploiting and all the like you will be permanently banned without the opportunity to re-appeal again. Gonna leave this open for another 3 days just in case you're still having issue's joining.

Welcome Back!

~Tank (DMU Administrator)  

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