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thedalek2021 ban apeal

username: thedalek2021

reason for ban: xray/alting


what you were last doing on the server : buying mending books 

reason for unban: i apologise for the inconviniance of dealing with this i found out the person that owns the themaster2021 account is my older brother who recently moved out (he is 19) i messaged him after i got out of the dentists office he said he use to play the server and he got banned after a while 

i cant give a photo like i was asked because he move to the other side of the country from me and my  family i will try to the best of my ability to giver sucficient proof and if you wanna know why our user name is so similer is because my step dad set up the account and made our username similer and the xray alagation i dont think i have xray downloaded i might have it someone in my resaurce packs or mods if you need any more proof i will try my best to supply it i deeply apologuise for the time you have had to spend dealing with this and if i made a mistake whilst trying to make this ban apeal please tell me so i can re appeal

i forgot to mension in the orignal post that my brother (themaster2021) account was lost due to microsoft transfer issue 

Good Evening, Hope you're having a wonderful day/night. After reading your appeal I've sadly decided to deny it. Down to the spelling mistakes that themaster2021 was prone to making and the name similarities plus the fact that he coincidentally is moved out by the time you're banned. It also doesn't help that (if he really is your brother) he's lied about his age so many times we aren't really sure what his real age is. I'll give you a chance to prove to us that you two are separate people in your next appeal.  Speaking of, you may re-appeal again December 22nd. I chose December 22nd in specific so due to the holidays coming up and if your family is getting together I'm sure your brother will find time to make it. Also we have logs showing tunnels you've dug digging straight down ores.

If you celebrate thanksgiving have a joyful one! And if you don't, have a wonderful rest of your day

~Tank (DMU Administrator)

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