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what excatly did themaster2021 do

hello thedalek2021 here I wanted to ask I here a lot about themaster2021 (just found out my brother owned this account) (he has recently moved out about 4 months ago) I just want to know what did he do on the server that made everyone know him if you want to talk to me in private message me on discord : thedalek2021   no number


















Hello! I see no point in telling you In Dm's due to people looking at this forum and being able to get a taste of what he's done to warrant a site restriction and a permanent ban.

- Lied about age several times having it Fluctuate constantly  

- Has broken server rules Caught X-Raying (Like you) ,Using Freecam and Stealing

- He's made several low effort appeals not really seeming genuinely sorry for anything that he's and when requested to not make any more appeals they filled that with nonsensical posts talking about nothing 

- Doesn't seem to have any real remorse for anything he's done, we tried giving him a chance in April but he once again messed it up.

Now, if your next post has anything to do with your ban,  I'll extend your next appeal date to mid January.

Take some time, find us proof and your ban will be kicked down from a perm to a temp.

~Tank (DMU Administrator)

This thread has been locked.