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Falsely banned


Tardis hopping

Until the 9th of January 2024

Last thing I was doing on the server was running around near my house reading the chat.

I believe I have been banned due to having data modules into other peoples Tardis's. I thought that Tardis hopping only applied to flying within the Tardis dimension to another Tardis I was not aware that it was against the rules to land in a Tardis using a Data Module that you got into via the overworld. Would be great if I could get pardoned early but just wanted to make this post to clarify that I do not wish to break any rules on the DMU public server and hope to enjoy playing again(Lawfully) soon.

Best wishes,


This was a ban appeal I made back in December. I didn't make it clear that I had permission to have data modules into these players tardises which is and was within the rules at the time, according to staff(Shortly after my ban) and stated in the rules of the new server.  Therefor, I would appreciate if the ban could be removed from my record.

Thank you,


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