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[DMU Ban appeal] LikeabossYT171: Inappropiate statues [Perm]

MC Username: LikeAB, previous username LikeabossYT171
Reason for ban: Inappropriate Statues/Holograms
Ban duration: Permanent
What I was doing last: Exploring a town area
In my previous ban appeal, it seems there has been a misunderstanding in the explanation of the situation.
Events that happened:
1) Find funny bananaman skin (image.png 1) and think it would be funny to change a few statues to it
2) Pick a random name off the list (in this case, Elcryz4) thinking that this list is of people currently using the skin and not that the list is of people who have used the skin at any point in their account's lifetime. *(image.png 2)
3) Enter username into statue
4) Statues avatar didn’t update at first
5) Add a few more while I wait for it to load
6) All load at once
7) Panic and run
Addressing things from previous ban appeal:
*I didn’t say they changed the skin after it was put on the statue. I didn’t realise the name mc list wasn’t of people currently using the skin *The account is claimed (ElCryZ4)
*Skins are deleted off namemc by mods if deemed inappropriate.


I see you posted your appeal a while ago but no one has responded yet. I'll unban you in a sec

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