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TheOmega__ unban request

Minecraft username: TheOmega__


Why you were banned: making a swastika in unit 


Ban duration:  permanent 


What were you doing last on the server: Helping my friend get materials for his TARDIS interior 


Why you think you should be pardoned early,

Hello, Being honest me and my friends wanted to play on an online server so there was other people and there could be more interactions. We have plans to make a bigger base to to expand our builds and play together. We were gathering recourses for a TARDIS interior while watching a German documentary in the background at about 1am and feeling bored and wanting to have a laugh we thought it would be funny to sneak into unit and I thought It would be funny to add a swastika in the unit base. I understand this was childish and immature, but its a mistake I will learn from and if unbanned I will continue to be a good member of the server, I have already supported local businesses inside of the sever, such as paying for many items in TheCyberiam's shop! I will continue to support other players, help where I can and focus on expanding my base and to no act immaturely


Thank you for your consideration. 

Hi there, you will not be unbanned as we do not tolerate racism or antisemitism on our server. Furthermore, you decided to evade your ban, proving you cannot be trusted.


Joe (DMU Head Admin)

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