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[DMU Ban appeal] Lt_Lardarsze Selling Creative Items [Perm]

Minecraft Username: 

Lt_Lardarsze (Previously Dalek_Sen)


Why you were banned:

Selling creative items and lying to staff.


Ban duration:



What you were doing last on the server:
It's been a long time, I can't remember.


Why you think you should be pardoned early:

Hey, I don't really have much to add on to my last appeal from 6 months ago, but to sum it up, it's been over a year since my ban and I've done a lot of maturing since then. I'm turning 17 quite soon and I'm finally acting my age, I understand now that the staff were only doing their job and trying to make the most of while doing so, and in my selfishness and childishness I made it less enjoyable. For what it's worth I can't really prove I've matured, I just hope that you hear me out when I say that I have. I don't have much to do over the summer and I've been missing DMU, it's a bit silly considering I'm only banned because of my own actions, but I'd really like to play again and prove to you all that I'm not the annoying selfish git I was. Thanks for taking the time to read this, sorry if it's long.


I have looked at the evidence provided at the time of your ban, and have talked to other members of the staff team.


You were given many chances, and yet continued to show a lack of basic respect towards staff and other players.

Your attitude, as displayed in the screenshot below, is not the kind we allow on DMU.

Due to this, your appeal has been denied.


~ V2RA



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