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{My New MC Username]

So i want to change my username but to what my current Username is Tardis101 could it be more creative and related to doctor who and can you not just answer as Tardis1111 because i would not use that thanks for your time hope to see some creative Usernames!!!

I'm not sure how to interpret that. were you agreeing with me or questioning me with surprise?

There are some good translation websites I use. one is https://glosbe.com/


It's an online dictionary which also gives Latin words, declensions, tense and what type of word it is. For example if its a Verb or Adjective etc. Try it when you need it. It's really useful.

It is meant to be spelled Ego sum Dominum for I am the Master, Ego sum Dominus is I am the Lord. I did a typo.

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