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[ThunderBirds mod suggestion] Singleplayer = Multiplayer-ish

If you didn't know that the SWDTeam is adding a ThunderBird mod or making one I can give you evidence


Username: BellatorHD

Feature Name: Singleplayer = Multiplayer'ish

Lore/Brief Background (Or "As seen in" if not from Doctor Who canon): idk Thunderbirds xD

Description of Feature: Well this feature adds so you can have some players from different single player worlds that you can save or add to your Tracy Island to save other players in singleplayer or A.I's

What is the purpose of this: To have fun and something to do when you are on your singleplayer world

How do you suggest we implement it in game: idk yet and I don't know what this means I think i typed it on the Description of Feature: thingy

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