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Ban request

Minecraft Username: BellatorHD

Username of player you want banned:  neo_frogs

Location (Which server): DMU Public

When it happened (Time and Date): 15:37 20.05.2016 (In Norway) 

Description of the problem (Were they abusing perms etc.): That player tried to steal dark123houd space armor and that player typed swear words alot of time and that player tried to grief

Why they deserved to be banned: So he doesn't do that anymore

Witnesses (if any): Me and dark123hound and Gazer_Rift (Gazer_Rift joined a litle bit before neo_frogs left)

Image(screenshot) of the player you want banned (image of chat image etc.): I only have chat screenshots so I hope the chat screenshots help




With itsjustme011 and my efforts, we've decided to jail neo_frogs.


I'm locking the thread, thanks for your efforts to inform us.


Thread locked.


Reason: Issue solved. User has been jailed.

This thread has been locked.