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Ford's Model/Texture Thread

i'm not home so guess who isnt doing graphics: the movie


Ood redo yeah neat neat this is more of an announcement post than anything

>stares into the silence

Regardless, I've been super busy and yeah I had a major major drop in activity for a bit, but keep in mind I have been hard at work on new stuff to show off soon-ish on a video potentially! 3 or so new exteriors, several sonics (requested!), several mobs etc so I've been working hard to not give in to myself and show them off xD figured I ought to give you guys a little taste so you know I'm not dead yet. 

That up there is the kinda detail update you're looking forward to with the new models! I might bring some heavy stuff out of the woodwork and I have a poll on my twitter right now for 1 potential mob! (click me to go to it)

Please do post suggestions on here however! I want to do what you guys want and the best way to do that is to hear it from you guys, not my imagination.

mumbles out



Redone half of the Tardises the Doctor has used in the show, still gotta do '96, '05, '10 and War, so keep an eye out!



I redid every Police Box (except the copper), happy Update 47 hopefully


Here's some stuff I've been doing but not showing on here (With a few exceptions)

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