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Ford's Model/Texture Thread

These are cool. I'm glad all the TARDIS exteriors are being brought in line with one another (though, saying that, where is the War Doctor's TARDIS? Where is it? WHERES RACHEL!!!).


I'm liking the look at all the incomplete interior builds. I can make out 12's, an 80s interior, the 1996 TV movie interior and another two (or one, they might be connected), though I can't for the life of me figure out what interior it is. Another potential 8th Doctor interior? An expanded media one? Just a random TARDIS room? Or is it the Illuminati headquarters where they keep all the Series 10 action figures locked away for eternity? 


P.S. that guard looks great too. Hopefully he'll get added to the mod and shoot at people with the Timelord Staser. 

 Thanke, the War Doctor's was redone a while ago (well, made for the first time) but it needs another redo since I buffed up my Tardis design pretty heavily afterward. I also need to do this for the Copper exterior.


In that photo you can see the Toyota, Copper (Left side), Three Doctors (Right Side), old Hell Bent (Middle), and 1996 (Back), of course they're all incredibly WIP and such. There's no random Tardis rooms in the little area I have set up (Minus the side room, which I have to confirm is a thing in the new Hartnell interior).


Thanks for the compliment! He's indeed being added as we speak and I need to make the classic series Staser design for him.

Invasion Cyberman Redo (coming to the mod soon probably)

Neat! Wish I could model like that.

 Practice makes improvement :)

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