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Star Trek (All Versions)

This thread is for all things Star Trek from all franchises including

  • Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Star Trek: The Animated Series
  • Star Trek: TGN (The Next Generation)
  • Deep Space Nine
  • Voyager
  • Enterprise
  • Reboot Films (2009-)
  • All Other Star Trek Movies
  • Star Trek Discovery (2017) (CBS All Access)
  • All Star Trek books/comics
  • All Star Trek games

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Right...so I just watched the first two episodes of Discovery, checked some reviews online...it...sucked.



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First off, the continuity doesn't make sense. Everything looks way too futuristic. This is set 10 years before TOS, the bridge looks even more futuristic than Voyager! And holographic communication? It wasn't even seen in the sequels!

The Klingons

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The Klingons...they changed their appearance again. They came up with an explanation in Enterprise for how they looked human in TOS but now they're bald and have ridges again and I haven't seen any explanation, the styles of the ships and the uniforms are also really different. Which really doesn't make sense


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The first officer made stupid decisions, there was no character development except for her, the captain, and the science officer(maybe a bit for Sarek), too many lens flares, space battles and intro are good though. The writing and dialogue was alright, but some scenes are a bit cliché




I watched Star Trek Discovery, haven't watched episode 2 yet. I thought it was pretty good compared to like, you know, Enterprise.

I watched Star Trek Discovery, haven't watched episode 2 yet. I thought it was pretty good compared to like, you know, Enterprise.

 I've never watched Enterprise. But anything's better than the JJ reboots(including this)

You really haven't watched Enterprise if you think the JJ-verse is the lowest point of the franchise.


Right...episode 3...what? 


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OK...so they want to invent a new way to fly. Alright so...they use...quantum, uh, spore things, across the galaxy...super fast travel, um, yeah I don't get it. Sure, Trek has always been more science fantasy than hard science fiction but yeah... it doesn't work at all...they can take the leftover borg tech from that one ENT Borg episode to develop a transwarp network of their own and that would STILL make more sense

Dialogue...eh, alright

Continuity: Still messed up, this ship should be commissioned at least 5 years after the Enterprise but it is still too futuristic

Characters: they are starting to get better...much better, Lorca gives me a real Section 31 vibe (doubt he's actually part of them tho)

Waayyy too much action, Star Trek has never been heavy on action except space battles, scenes with Worf, or when Kirk gets in a fist fight and gets his uniform ripped


Dang I am really starting to wish for a continuation of DS9 on Netflix instead of this


By the way placing a tribble near a bowl of fortune cookies is a...REALLY BAD IDEA

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