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Vanguard Reviews: Fridge Tardis

Today I will be reviewing the Fridge Tardis. I will review the sprite, the exterior, and the interior.





I do like the sprite. It is an accurate representation of the exterior within the limitations of being an item.





The exterior is drop dead amazing. I love the model for it. It uses  a 3D model section for anything that must be 3D rather than a texture. One small comment is the inside of the door and the back walls use a weird white texture that would have been better replaced with a solid color.





       When I first saw this console room, I thought my game screwed up. I was wrong. It was meant to look like that. The first point of notice is the console. It is a decent console, but it does not belong in this console room. Nothing really belongs in this console room. There are 2 functioning monitors, one in the console and one hanging close by. The controls to the Tardis are all invisible and hidden in the console. There is a backwards bookshelf from the Toyota Tardis. There is a hatstand that looks out of place in the non-themed walls of this Tardis. There is a chalkboard with a ghostly picture of some random player drawn on it. There is another Toyota item, the Toyota Chalkboard, in one corner. In the opposite corner, there is a random blob of blocks that make no sense at all.

      The color scheme of this Tardis has no logic or thought behind it. The roundels on the wall are either a sea or lime green and the ceiling is a brownish color. Neither  of those colors match the console nor do they fit together to make any sort of style or theme. There is no lighting sources in this Tardis, which makes for a duller color overall. The shape of the Tardis is a complete and bland square with the door placement being off centered ever so slightly. The console is not centered in any way.

      In total I dislike this interior absolutely. There is nothing really great about it.




Overall: This Tardis is half great. The sprite and Exterior are wonderful works of art, but the Interior is the complete opposite. 

Ikr, i always create a custom console room because that one doesn't fit at all

are you going to do a review like this  for all the other tardises?

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