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9th/10th doctor TARDIS

There are quite a few things wrong with this.


  • The entrance floor is incorrect
  • Railings are also wrong
  • The balcony shouldn't go all the way around
  • It shouldn't have glowstone on the balcony
  • Too many pillars
  • Console floor is in the wrong order, should be the floor block then the grate bit.
  • Materials for the walls are wrong
  • It's too small.
  • Door surround is wrong.

The Coral console room was a dome, not a cylinder. The roof had black lines going through it. Poor choice of roundels. Brick ramp not a single staircase. Should have a floor and then two layers of grating (one hexagonal shaped one and on circular one). Poor choice of railings. Poor choice of door. Balcony should not go all around the room, only on left side. Should only have 6 pillars (two on the front and back and one on the left and right). Cone above rotor looks weird. Try adding green to the console. Make it bigger.

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