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[Security Update] [John Please Read]

Hi so I have this mod I use regularly it's called security Craft, it really helps with protecting you stuff so that people can't grief you house!  There are doors with security locks and you cant break the re-enforced blocks only the person who places it down can! I would find this very useful! I also got grieved many times this is when I started out on this server so I did not know that staff could check block log (LoL)! Maybe this could be re made into a future update! 

Are you suggesting that mod get allowed for on the server?

 Yes or John could make his own version of it!

It would probably have to be implemented into the dalek mod because otherwise, everyone who wanted to play would have to have that mod installed as well.

For everyone to be able to play on the server, they would require that mod.

To add such as requirement is unlikely. 

As all the users should need is the Dalek mod and nothing more.

- SubDivide, Ultra-Admin, Site Mod

 Plus having too many other mods could, say, "taint"  the experience and purpose of the server

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