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2013 TARDIS by The_Runner03 and DoctorWhu11

Looks good. Few inaccurate parts, but good. The blue lines look giod remade with sealantern, appear to be in the correct place relative to the roundels, but they shouldn't protude from the wall. The use of stone brick on the platform confuses me. Are either of you using TheDoctor32x? The inaccuracies in the roof are slightly odd. What are the blue clay lines? And the last one on the roof (that I even do) is where are the lights? I miss them because I don't know how to do it with slabs, but that is a solid block... Anyway, it looks nice besides that. Solid build, great design, great interior to build off of.

Looks good, but, it's too cylindrical, the Toyota interior was more round. 

A cylinder is as close as round can be in minecraft   and the blue on the cealing is me trying to be more acurate with the pillar touching the spinny thing

The Runner and I will go back and go over these details. Thanks for your input, and thanks even more, because this is the first time I've shown off a TARDIS Interior that wasn't immediately criticized.

I LOVE IT!!!! It looks great but as some have said could be more rounded.

It's an improvment, though the ceiling isn't flat and the storage units under the console aren't white.

Hello, thank you for all your help me and Doctorwhu11 will take a look at theese. We want to make this as accurate as possible. As Doctorwhu11 has said this is the first creaton we have done that hasent been critisized  

It's a work in progress. We're trying to make it accurate, only the pillars don't reach the time rotor properly . . . Any suggestions?

the pillars don't reach the time rotor properly . . . Any suggestions?

 That's not a problem with your TARDIS, it's a problem with the model, the creator of these models combines blocks and models in his interior, so you guys aren't that far off having blocks connect to the whirly rig from the pillars.

Yeah . . . I wish they would have made the top part of the pillars longer.

Alright. Heads up, this is gonna be a really long post. I mean, really, excessively long.



First of all. You are missing 10 pillars. The Toyota is an octadecagon,  meaning it has 18 sides and therefore, 18 pillars. You have 8. This in itself isn't much of an issue, normally people can get by with a smaller amount, however your room shape being as it is, coupled with the fact that your pillar placement causes the room to be so empty the incorrect pillar amount stands out violently.

Your console's controls are inaccurate. Call me a stickler for that but I have managed to convey the control layout and look in the past in vanilla.

The interior itself that you have is entirely too cylindrical. The Toyota is round, like an exaggerated egg shape. Yours is more of a flattened soda can.

Next, your interior is by definition stretched. Even your current profile picture could give you a hint as to the height scale to use.  Every section that would normally be 6 blocks or so tall is 15 in your instance, it's fundamentally flawed and takes a lot of aesthetic appeal out of the picture.

You, for some reason, do not have controls on your "mini-consoles" or "control tables", you ought to know what I mean.

You're lacking a lot of grating, an entire outer ring of it, actually..

You also do not appear to have actual roundels in your interior. Which, if you ask me, is a rather large oversight..

Your spinning lights (meaning the sets of 3 lights with 3 "bulbs" inside) appear to be in small numbers and lack the dividers between light sections.

Also, there's no lights in the lower platform or "level 2" as it would be called, with the bottom floor being "level 1".

All in all it's not a bad attempt, however you should try reworking it some.

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