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Minecraft Doctor Who

Ok,so so more updates...


1. Here's Draft 1 and 2 of the New,New,new (how many news are we at now??) titles:



Personallly Draft 2 is my favourite.



2. I've had to re-write the episode 1 script......again...as someone..... *cough* Kai *cough* forget to back the original script up along with all other MCDW files when he formatted his PC.....GG kai....

So the script is basically the same but majorly improved..hope you like it.


3.. Random regen test. May or may not be used in the actual series........



Anyway that's it for now. Until Kai finishes animating Episode 1..(probably when pigs fly...)

Wow,already more updates....here we go again....

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Firstly,Episode 2's name has been confirmed as "Moonbase Alpha". Not sure of the plot yet,but...there you go....


Secondly,Draft 3 of the new new new new new intro. Only things left are names.


Thirdly ,another regen test cuz y not.....

and yeah,that's about it for now.....soooooo...bye.

moonbase alpha?  as in like,  the game??


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moonbase alpha?  as in like,  the game??



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 I'd assume so as my friend was playing it when he told me the name.....

Completed intro (music may not be final choice)



 Also,for fun (and for a test) I changed the previous regeneration test into a cliffhanger style thing.



Couple more updates..


1. MCDW is now fully in production,so expect ep 1 to be out within 1-2 months


2. We have the brilliant "TempusWare" (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxbGaftBvQPkdmBUzvVUWxw) guest starring as a guard in ep 1


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3. Here's a lil' teaser imge y'all......


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