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[DMU] Public Dalek Mod Server!

The Public Dalek Mod Universe Server

There is now an Official Dalek Mod Server once again! To give you a brief overview of what the server has to offer and information concerning it, read the rest of this post!

What is this server?

The Dalek Mod Universe Server is a public version of the private DMU which all players are allowed to joined, as long as they have the latest update of the Dalek Mod! At the moment, all players are in survival (except those who have earned the right to creative e.g. Staff or some higher donators) which is to avoid the spawning in of items and to prevent too many crashes etc.

What can I do on the server?

At the moment, you can build and play with your friends, and also use your TARDIS to navigate the large land of Minecraftia... enhanced by the Dalek Mod! Later on, we hope to introduce mini-games to add extra fun!

How do I join?

Simply download the latest version of the Dalek Mod (this is required to join the server), and there is an button on the main menu just to the left of the default single-player button, click that which will take you to the server's information GUI (showing you the player list) and then simply click 'Join Server'.

How do I get item x?

If you are unable to craft an item, it may be bought at the 'ACB' (Admin Consultation Booth) aka 'SWDMart' with items such as iron or diamonds. As long as there is a staff member operating the shop, you will be free to buy much of what the Dalek Mod has to offer, minus a few items which have been banned for obvious reasons. SWDMart is located in the spawn area, just up on the platform which you see straight in front of you as you join.

I need help...

If you require assistance, please consult an admin or moderator who is online. Please note that the server can get busy, and admins/moderators may not see the message the first time. If after a few minutes, the admin or moderator still hasn't responded, please kindly ask again or ask a different admin/moderator, they may be afk.

How do I donate?

By donating, you can receive extra perks on the server such as fly mode. Detailed lists of these perks will be written up at a later date. To donate, please head to The DMU Server Page and click the donate option, filling in any required information and insuring you are logged in!


Thank you for reading this post, I hope it has been informative enough. Any other questions please ask below or ask online! I, along with the other staff hope to see you soon!

Will there be a server where Dalek Mod mobs will spawn? I mean a server with the difficulty at normal rather than peaceful

Don't worry, Daleks and Cybermen can spawn now, the difficulty has been boosted up to easy now.

I got banned for no reason i was just standing there waving my pickaxe and i got banned  That server was the best thing thats happened to me on minecraft and i got banned FOR NO REASON please help me

Hey my in-game name is QuingImperial and I would like to say that one of the staff members Perma banned me with no reason. The person who banned me was probably one of the admin I think that the admin are getting drunk with power.Why? Because I got banned most likely for talking he said only the staff were allowed to chat. But I kept talking. This issue needs to be solved right away. I had just joined the server today to meet up with my friends my first time on the server. First day and I get banned FOR NO REASON. 

I will unban you both, I think a lot of the admins are just getting a bit over-worked and are thus not so lenient, hopefully things will improve. However, if after I have conducted an investigation I find you to be in the wrong, you will be banned again, however if not I am terribly sorry for any inconvenience.

Will a list of server commands be made? I know /home does something

And is there a /sethome command?

Also, is the difficulty going to be the changed at set times or will it just be whenever the admins decide to change it? 

(Sorry For all the question)

Thank you for unbanning me i can't wait to have more fun on the dalek mod server

Will a list of server commands be made? I know /home does something

And is there a /sethome command?

 I don't believe their is a /sethome or /home command yet, we have to code all the plugins from scratch, I'm sure they will be added soon.

Also, is the difficulty going to be the changed at set times or will it just be whenever the admins decide to change it? 

(Sorry For all the question)

 Just when the admins decide to change it.

 Just when the admins decide to change it.

 Ok, thank you for answering my questions

I miss the public server

 why ? there's still a Public Server!

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