Dalek Mod Universe Server!

Dalek Mod Universe Server!

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What is the Dalek Mod Universe server?

Dalek Mod Universe are the two official Dalek Mod servers for Minecraft 1.8 Forge.


There are two servers:

  • DMU Public-available to everyone! Download the latest Dalek Mod (from the product page) to access the server. This server is a survival-based server and attracts a lot of users.

  • DMU Private: Only available to our Beta Access users. It's nice and peaceful there, it's a great place to get to know staff and other users! The server is also great for roleplays.



What can I do on the server?

Dalek Mod Universe allows you to build, roam and more!


In the DMU public server all users are in survival mode. You will need to survive the long nights and battle the dangerous Dalek Mod mobs! You can also get a Tardis by killing any mob for credits. Do note that mobs only spawn out far from /spawn.


Beta Access users have creative mode to build what they like in the world. At its current state the server is split into 4 main areas: SWD City, Big Noze Fallz, Winter City and the Wilderness.


How do I get on the server?

Just open up your Dalek Mod title screen and select your server on the left of the singleplayer button. When it's pressed you will be presented with a fancy GUI showing a list of players and a "join server" button.


The Green bar icon represents the DMU Public server.

The Dalek icon represents the DMU Private server.


What do I need to know?

In DMU Public, there's a special location for new users called /warp welcome . Try checking that out! :D

There's also the rules and FAQs in the next section.


Rules and FAQs

The first thing we recommend is reading the rules so you can enjoy the server without being banned as easily. See them at /warp rules (DMU Public) and at /spawn [DMU Private]


As for other questions you may have, try /warp FAQ on DMU public to view more answers.

If you have a suggestion for the server (new rule etc.) feel free to post it at /warp suggestions


Ban appeals

If you happen to be jailed, muted or banned by one of our server staff, please post a thread on the SWD Forums using this format:

[How to Post] Server Griefing/Unbanning/Missing builds PLEASE READ

Where to post: Ban Appeals / Reporting


Donating and ranks

You can also obtain alot of both SWD and community made cosmetic items if you donate a bit of money. These include fezzes, hats and more! Just select an amount on the donate buttons on the right and click pay. You can pay with either Paypal, PlaySafeCards (Contact support@swdteam.com) or Steam/TF2 items worth up to how much you want. Do note that the donations are in USD.


What are the cities you mentioned?

DMU public has a wide variety of cities and towns, all built by talented users! Examples are Acediajc's town, Cyber City,  and more!


DMU Private has many cities, many which are built as tall as skyscrapers!


SWD City: This is the main city of the private server, most people's houses are in this city along with some of the main buildings including the jail and the SWD Experience.

Big Noze Falls: This is the city from the old DMU, its rather quiet and it is the home of the Detective Agency, but beware, a lot of strange stuff happen here, to name a few, water towers bursting, unstable dams and don't forget the giant Bill Ciphers!


Are there any groups/factions to join?

Yes, these groups are a part of roleplay. Other groups include , The Dark Agency, The Masquerade and maybe you could even start your own!


For a full list of Server factions please see here. https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=613


How often are the roleplays?

The RPs are very often, however they don't have a schedule for them.


Please ask a member of staff to add you to an rp (roleplay) chat so you don’t spam the public chat. Use /msg [Username of staff member]  to tell them to let you out of the rp chat when you are done roleplaying.

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Posted: 17/09/2017 08:39

I cant go on the private server for some reson

Posted: 30/08/2017 07:36

i can't enter , it says to restart the game

Posted: 10/08/2017 05:27

i cant join the server is it the server or my comp

TheDoctor6702Beta Tester
Posted: 05/08/2017 18:24

When I try to enter it says that the autenthication servers are down,It's a problem with the server or just of the computer?

kingalaxyBeta Tester
Posted: 06/08/2017 18:35


Posted: 03/08/2017 00:27

my tardis is stuck in flight and the tardis key doesn't work

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