DMU Rank - Cyberman
DMU Rank - Cyberman

DMU Ranks

What does the rank get me?

Want to roleplay as The Doctor on the server? With this new RP rank you can!
This rank costs £7.50, and alongside VIP+ is the most powerful obtainable rank at the moment. It consists of similar permissions to those of VIP+, such as chat colours, sounds and particles.

While you may consider a few extra commands and the extra title not worth the additional £2.50 instead of VIP, that small amount of extra money really helps keep the server running, and help out greatly.


This cannot be refunded and the rank can be taken away if abused by the user. 


This rank comes with various commands such as:

  1. /say [message]
  2. /nickname add/remove [nickname]
  3. /set-title add/remove [title]
  4. /me [message]
  5. /playsound
  6. /tellraw
  7. /particle
  8. /login-message [message]
  9. /logout-message [message]


To apply ranks, go to your SWD Profile, click Inventory, click on the rank then product options, and apply it!

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Price: £7.50
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Posted: February 07, 2021

i cant apply the rank help

Posted: October 03, 2020