DMU Rank - VIP

DMU Rank - VIP

DMU Ranks

What does the rank get me?

This rank costs £5.00, and grants some new permissions.
These include the ability to use chat colours! Simply type an "&" symbol and then a number from 0-9 or letter from a-f, then your word!
For example, "&6John is a girl" would display as gold coloured in chat! For further help about this, visit this site.


To apply ranks, go to your SWD Profile, click Inventory, click on the rank then product options, and apply it!


This cannot be refunded and the rank can be taken away if abused by the user.

This rank also comes with various commands such as:

  1. /say [message]
  2. /nickname add/remove [nickname]
  3. /set-title add/remove [message]
  4. /me [message]
  5. /playsound
  6. /tellraw (Please note this has been disabled for the time being due to a bug)

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Price: £5.00
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Posted: December 05, 2023

/nickname add MrJulio

The_Salad_ManBeta Tester
Posted: March 30, 2022


Star_platinum99Beta Tester
Posted: May 05, 2020

and how to use playsound

WeirdoBeta Tester
Posted: May 09, 2020

They are both vanilla commands, you can find plenty of tutorials online.

Star_platinum99Beta Tester
Posted: May 05, 2020

what is tellraw

Posted: October 08, 2019

an what does nick do?

WeirdoBeta Tester
Posted: October 24, 2019

/nick allows you to set a nickname that displays in chat instead of your username