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[RP Board suggestion] Hunger Games

I would like to suggest the Hunger Games for a rp board (as said in title). If this would be added (hopefully will!) there would be charaters like this


Primrose Everdeen

Katnisses mother

Katniss Everdeen

Gale Hawthorn

Effie Trinket


Peeta Melark



President Snow


Caesar Flickerman

Claudious  Templesmith





Hope these get added! Sorry if i made any spelling errors. If it gets accepted i hope i can help run it!


Status: 4 people agree with me. Requirement: 1 more person needs to agree with me! :D




The hunger games is quite a good movie and book series.

So an rp board would be excellent (XD)

I agree with iShed/ReverseFlash. It's a great book and movie series. An rp board would be cool.


Also, don't know why, but when I clicked on this I was expecting BajanCandian. 

[Bump] and ty for the support! :D just need 2 more people to agree with me to get  a rp board!

All I know about the hunger games is that you kill people support 

Bump still need one more person to agree!

 Actually you need 5 people to want to be PART of the board not just say they like it.

So the recent posts dont count?


and btw liking the idea IS supporting the idea

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