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Dalek Mod Update 44 Handles command suggestions

Command: Hey Handles, what are the rules?

Response: Will tell the user the rules e.g. Rule 1: The Doctor Lies

This command would only work on servers, and Admins would be able to change what handles says to accurately tell the user the server rules via commands:

/HandlesRule add [Rule Number(if there is a gap between rules so I made rule 2 without a rule 1 then rule 2 would become 1)] [Rule Text]  

Example: /HandlesRule add 1 The Doctor Lies. would mean that when this command is it would say Rule 1: The Doctor Lies. 

There would also be a /HandlesRule remove [Rule Number]. to remove outdated rules.

This one is amazing! This is actually one that could be utilized by more than just DMU, so it's amazing to finally see that in a thought out way

Thank you for the complement. My thought behind it was that people don't always read the rules and it takes a lot of time to teleport to spawn and get back, so why not give handles a function for it. 


Anyway another Handles command: Hey Handles, Activate Emergency Program 1 (or Hey Handles, Activate EP1)

Response: Handles will send the Player's main TARDIS somewhere random and disable it for 5 mins. Cool for RP I suppose, Might be nice for adventures, as you can't just escape instantly. Also a Hologram would maybe appear somewhere in the TARDIS. I know EP1 has been suggested before, but I am suggesting it be a handles command.

Command: track (block/item here) 

Action: Tracks down any block you get it to (on server it should be used only for beta or above)

Command: track (block/item here) 

Action: Tracks down any block you get it to (on server it should be used only for beta or above)

 In my opinon, nope, nope, nope and more nope. If a player obtained Handles in survival mode, they essentially get access to anything they want - basically creative mode. This would be too OP.

Command : Hey handles, Put on your favorite song

Action : Handles put on the Pen pineapple apple pen song


I would really love if you add this XD

A bit too late for U44, but I'll suggest this anyway


Command: Hey Handles, who is on <DMU Public, DMU Creative, DMU Private>

Action: Handles fetches names of the players on a server and puts a list into the player's chat. If innacessible (due to internet or database issues), Handles will instead say "Data currently unavailable."


Command: Handles, how many people are on <Name of SWD Server>

Action: Handles fetches data from the server and states "There are currently <number> players on the server"

Arc, For your second command, couldn't it be for all servers? For Example, Hey Handles, who is on [Insert Server IP here] would tell you who is on the server with the IP you put in, not just for Dalek mod servers. This would be a lot more useful as if I am due to meet someone on a server and had DM installed, then I wouldn't have to wait around on whatever server being bored, I could instead play singleplayer or be on DMU and use Handles to check for them. 

Command: "Hey Handles, are you my Mummy?"


Action(s): 1./kill 2. /tellraw @p {"text":"NO! NO GOD PLEASE NO, NO, NO, NOOOO!","color":"dark_red"}


Command: "Hey handles, take my TARDIS to (Player)"


Action(s): Takes said player's TARDIS to a chosen player 

Command: "Hey handles, take my TARDIS to (Player)"


Action(s): Takes said player's TARDIS to a chosen player 

 I'm going to have to disagree with this idea for the sake of privacy. Can you imagine you're just chilling in your super secret base when all of a sudden some guy with a new Toyota console bursts in?

Command: Hey Handles, how do I use [Dalek Mod Command/TARDIS Panel Command]

Action: Outputs the same guideline as /help or an unfinished command would 


Hey Handles, how do I use /setblock

<[Handles]> /setblock [block] <X> <Y> <Z>



Command: Hey Handles, your name is (Name)

Action: It changes Handles's name, you have to then type in the new name for the commands to work.




Hey Handles, your name is Fred

Handles: My name is Fred

Hey Fred, what is the time?

Fred: The time is ect.

Command: /Hey Handles, sing us a song

Action: plays the doctor who theme song


Command: /Hey Handles, What's the answer to this maths question?

Action: in game calculator is pulled up on screen


Command:/Hey Handles, let's do the 50th anniversary of Doctor who

Action: All tardises spawn and fly around the surrounding area, all near by hostile mobs then start taking damage. 


Command: /I'm getting Bored

Action: handles says, I'll inform 1wtc that you're bored, he'll fix it.

I have an idea and this will help alot with the whole handles thing here is te comand (please add this)


Player: Hey handles Commands


Handles: The Handles commands are [lists commands] 


if you do ad this it will be awesome thx :D




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