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Pokemon Sun and/or Pokemon Moon

This chat is going to be about pokemon sun and/or moon

First of:What are your opinions better


Third:Which did you get

Fourth:Why did you get that game



I just started playing and its brilliant already



I got moon cos the shaps did not have sun [true story from Mew]

Best Pokémon game to date. Best story, best evil team music (it has talking!!!!!!!!), best Post-Game story, best graphics.

9.8/10 (because IGN was right)

I got Moon (Collectors Edition), because I perfer Umbreon to Espeon, and night to day. When I preordered it, Solgaleo and Lunala weren't revealed yet.

I haven't play this, but I saw some of the game play for one of the trials (the one with all the Marowak). Why did that guy photobomb it? Probably the funniest part of the game. tongue-out

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