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SWD Donations - Please Read

SWD Donations

I know we don't usually do this however we thought it would be best to inform people on the current status of things in SWD and why we really need the help and support of our amazing community.

At the moment we spend close to $100 a month on hosting the DMU servers. The amount we generate from selling DMU Ranks each month only just allows us to pay for the servers. However as most of you should be aware, we are based in the UK and in June of this year the UK voted to leave the European Union which resulted in the price we have to pay for our servers increasing by 20%.


We really hate to ask for donations however we put in countless hours of work into everything we do and get very little back. We kindly ask for a small donation from our users just to help support us and keep us alive. We would hate to have to shut down the servers because we cannot afford to run them.


How can I donate?

DMU Donation Page




Or you can help support us by buying products from our store:
SWD Store


Thank you to anyone who donates. Every donation really helps. We've been working for 4 years so far and with the help of our amazing community we hope to continue into the future!

I will be really disappointed if the severs go down so I will donate as soon as I can.

i'll scrape together some money from christmas and use that to donate.

I have donated about $35 for SWD. Unfortunately, I don't think my parents will allow me to donate more. Well I will still support as much as I can. I hope you can continue your amazing work on the Dalek Mod.



I willz donate more as for christmas I willz get myself... to hire swd xD

fina use my moms credit card to donate 20'000 XD jk but i will probs donate i love dmu and it would make me very sad if it got shut down

I have already bought items that you need to pay for +£400.00 BTW I am also in the U.K

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